Montag, Dezember 06, 2010

Brian Wettach: Alcohol, sex on agenda at Princeton workshop

A culture of hookups and drinking for the sake of drinking increases the occurance of inebriated sexual encounters in Princeton’s social scene, many students concluded at a workshop organized by the Alcohol Coalition Committee.

Of the roughly 50 students who met in the Rockefeller College common room for the three-hour workshop, titled “Sex and Alcohol on Campus — A Frank Discussion,” many were members of the ACC or peer advisers in Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, and Education. (...) “The morning after a Thursday or Saturday night out, the first question that people ask is not ‘Did you have a good time last night?’ or ‘Did you have fun,’ but rather ‘Did you hook up with someone?’ ” noted Brian Wettach ’13, a member of the discussion group on gender roles.

“The one-time hookup has become the status quo, and long-term relationships are the oddity here,” Wettach added.

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