Freitag, Januar 27, 2006

Dr Gabriel Wettach of Temple University 'uber-smart'?

Temple University, Philadelphia, PADr. Gabrial Wettach, who is Advising Coordinator for the Undergraduate Program in the English Department of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, (which was just today graced with a visit by this Wettach's favourite living author, Neil Gaiman) was featured in the TempleU community on LiveJournal:
Student Leslie (LJ blogger Languid_paean) tells the following story:
Today, I was making my way to the stairs to the AC classrooms when I ran into my professor, who was being carried by the current of the vacating students the opposite way. My professor (about whom I just mentioned in another post) is Dr. Gabe Wettach, who is the Undergraduate English Adviser and consequently believes that his class is the most important you'll ever take, etc, etc, etc.

Wondering if perhaps our classroom had been changed or I had overlooked something, I asked him where he was going as he passed. He stared at me in bewilderment and then proceeded to admit that he was LOST. Now, this is our third class of the semester, located in a relatively easy place (AC107) and I assume that he's worked in Anderson for quite some time. However, he had no idea where he was and thanked me profusely for showing him where it was.

So, my point is that freshman or not, Anderson is f*ed up beyond mortal comprehension and the only way of knowing that you've been at Temple too long is if it finally begins to make sense to you.

Thank you and good night.
To which another student comments:
i know that guy...he is all "uber smart"

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Samstag, Januar 21, 2006

Megan Wettach featured on MTV's 'True Life'

Article: The HawkEye - Photo: PremierPromAndPageantry.comCall it "Megan's Really Busy World."

Megan Wettach, owner of Premier Prom & Bridal Boutique and the poster girl for homegrown Iowa entrepreneurship, is getting her own episode on reality television.

Mount Pleasant, say hello to MTV.

Wettach, 22, will be featured on "True Life," a seven-year constant in the line-up for the hip-hop heavy music network.

An MTV crew will be here in early February to film the former Miss Teen Iowa, who also owns The Megan Amanda Collection, a line of interview suits for pageant participants carried by Nordstrom and Von Maur.

A junior at the University of Iowa, Wettach was mentioned as a young entrepreneur by Gov. Tom Vilsack in his 2002 State of the State Address and two years ago was awarded $5,000 for developing one of the best new venture business plans in Iowa for the Megan Amanda Collection.

According to the MTV Web site, "the 'True Life' series tells its stories solely from the varied voices and points-of-view of its characters — putting the series in the unique position of reflecting the state of youth culture at any given moment."

Wettach agreed to do the show last week after being selected from about 2,000 young people nationwide. The episode will air in June.

While most of the details must be kept secret, Wettach said "True Life" focus will focus on her attempts to juggle two businesses with school and pageants.

Is she nervous? Yeah, a little bit.

"They'll be filming me 24 hours a day."
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Freitag, Januar 20, 2006

Jane Wettach in gang talk with Triangle leaders

Source: NewsObserver.comRaleigh, North Carolina: Dr. Martin Luther King preached the need for civic responsibility, and in his memory Saturday several community leaders tried to start a Trianglewide conversation about how to apply that principle to gang prevention.

Much of the conversation bemoaned a lack of community, which many participants said has led to teenagers turning to gangs for support and direction.

"If they have to turn to gangs to find support, we are truly in trouble," said Bonnita Hargis, chairwoman of the N.C. Martin Luther King Resource Center, one of the sponsors. The town hall meeting at Exploris museum in downtown Raleigh is one of several events held this weekend to commemorate King's legacy. (...)

Others said some of the criteria for school suspensions were simply wrongheaded. Someone who comes to school with a small pocket knife shouldn't receive the same suspension as someone with a switchblade, said Jane Wettach, director of the Children's Education Law Clinic at Duke University. (...)

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Dienstag, Januar 17, 2006

Christoph Wettach informiert über Babies

Baden OnlineLahr (red/tom). In Zusammenarbeit mit der Volkshochschule lädt das Klinikum Lahr-Ettenheim für Montag, 30. Januar, ins Klinikums Lahr ein. Kinderarzt Christoph Wettach referiert über die ersten Tage und Wochen eines Babys.
Das Klinikum weist darauf hin, dass der Vortrag nicht wie angekündigt am 23. Januar stattfindet.
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Samstag, Januar 14, 2006

Megan Wettach first timer at 3rd Annual Bridal Fair in Keokuk, Iowa

Source: DailyGate.comEastern Iowa's largest prom store will make its first appearance at the third annual Bridal Fair at the River City Mall in Keokuk Sunday, Jan. 29.

Since Megan Wettach opened Premier Prom in Mount Pleasant in October 2001, the 22-year-old owner has seen her business expand rapidly. She opened her bridal division in July 2004. Wettach also is a junior at the University of Iowa and commutes to classes from her hometown.

“It's a very difficult juggling act, but I have a very good staff and sales consultant,” said Wettach by phone. “They help the store run on a day-to-day basis and make it very successful. We've just renovated the salon. We also offer complimentary wine and cheese bridal consulting.”

The store's clientele comes from a three-hour radius of Mount Pleasant, according to Wettach, who is majoring in liberal studies with a certificate in entrepreneurship at Iowa. The store, which has 1,500 dresses, was featured in a six-page spread in Bridal Sources magazine.

Wettach credits her store's success to its large selection and premium service.

“If you listen to your customers and give them what they want, you'll be successful,” she said.

She also owns The Megan Amanda Collection, a line of interview suits for pageant participants carried by Nordstrom and Von Maur. The collection got a boost two years ago when she was awarded $5,000 for developing one of the best new venture business plans in Iowa. Gov. Tom Vilsack also mentioned her name in his 2002 State of the State Address.

Customers come from a six-hour radius of Mount Pleasant to see her line of pageant clothing, she said.

Her father has a MBA degree from the University of Iowa.

“It helped tremendously when I started,” Wettach said. “I want to focus on The Megan Amanda Collection and graduating at this point.”
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