Samstag, Juni 08, 2002

Megan Wettach: First Class of MP Dollars for Scholars Winners

Source: Mt Pleasant NewsThirty-one students from the Mt. Pleasant Community High School one scholarships from Dollars for Scholars. They received recognition for these scholarships at senior awards day at the high school on May 24.
There were three categories directly from Mt. Pleasant Dollars for Scholars. (...) The organization also gave 17 $100 scholarships. One of the winners: Megan Wettach. The winners of the scholarships were chosen by a points system. Applicants received points based on their responses to questions on the application. The more defined answers in subjects like school and community involvement to goals and aspirations, the more points the applicant would receive.
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Montag, Juni 03, 2002

Alice Wettach: Abgelöst in der Schulbehörde Gündelhart

Quelle: Thurgauer ZeitungGündelhart-Hörhausen - Mit 98 Stimmen (bei einem absoluten Mehr von 55) wurde Ruth Herzog neu in die Primarschulbehörde von Gündelhart-Hörhausen gewählt. Sie ersetzt die zurückgetretene Alice Wettach.
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