Sonntag, Juli 23, 2006

Tim Wettack sees Seafreeze Cold Storage workers walk off the job

Source: SeattlePIAll 70 warehouse workers at Seafreeze Cold Storage, at 206 S.W. Michigan St. in Seattle, walked off their jobs at 6 a.m. Friday, effectively idling the 7 million-cubic-foot facility. The walkout, by members of Teamsters Local 117, followed a unanimous strike vote after negotiations broke down over a new contract.

The old contract expired April 1. Negotiations began immediately and lasted through Tuesday. The sticking point is getting wages that keep up with inflation, Teamsters organizing director Leonard Smith said.

Tim Wettack, a representative of the Washington Employers Association who negotiated on behalf of Seafreeze, declined to say whether the company would bring in replacement workers. He also said he sees no resolution in sight.

"We made more than a fair and generous offer, and we've got nothing else to do," Wettack said.

[ Source: Seattle PI ]

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