Samstag, August 05, 2006

George Wettach - President of the EVMS Pan Student Council at Eastern Virginia Medical School , graduated

George Wettach in the Center, source evms.eduLeaders from across the EVMS family gathered for a photo at the 2006 convocation and reception of the Eastern Virginia Medical School. From left are Rector Vincent Napolitano, President Lester, President of the EVMS Pan Student Council George Wettach, alumnus and Board of Visitors member Dr. Randy Gould, and Dean Pepe.

George Wettach, here in the front left with Chelsea Willie, received his diploma that officially makes him a phyisician at this commencement.
George Wettach, left, and Chelsea Willie anticipate the conferral of degrees when they will officially become physicians. - Source
As a third year medical student he discribed his experiences at EVPS as follows: "I had been outside the classroom for many years when I applied to medical school.

As I met students here, I was impressed by the diversity of experiences they brought to EVMS – as researchers, pilots, graphic designers, musicians, and therapists. Because our school is relative young, the faculty and staff remain open to new ideas suggested by students.

Now, my classmates and I continue to benefit from their foresight. For example, we begin regular structured encounters with standardized patients within days of matriculation. In small groups, we practice eliciting the patient’s story and selecting the best physical examination techniques with these highly trained professionals. We are also mentored by experienced physicians who offer detailed feedback on our observation, auscultation, and palpation.

George Wettach, treating a patient. - Source evms.eduThe curriculum is well integrated. We learn to gram stain in the microbiology lab while studying the pharmacodynamics of antibiotics and how to approach the pulmonary exam of a coughing patient. This early clinical exposure, along with a case-based approach to solving problems, ensures that we are prepared for our first patients.

The faculty, staff, and students here are always finding creative ways to serve the local community, whether it’s through “Radio Rounds” on WHRV-FM, health screenings during “Community Care Day,” or the Halloween candy exchange for diabetic children. All of this challenges each of us to make our school and our neighborhoods the best places they can be.

I knew that a medical education would not be easy; truly rewarding experiences rarely are. It’s good to know that an extended family here at EVMS is available to help me achieve my goals."

[ More pictures from the EVMS Convocation 2006 here ]

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