Donnerstag, Februar 11, 2010

Jane Wettach pleads at the North Carolina Supreme Court

Source: wdnweb.comThe North Carolina Supreme Court in March is scheduled to hear oral arguments in a Beaufort County-based lawsuit that could affect the future of students who are suspended from public schools for long periods of time across North Carolina and the local school boards that hand down such suspensions.

At issue is the right of students who receive long-term suspensions to have access to an alternative education during their time away from school. Existing state law leaves such access to the discretion of local school boards. (...)
“More than 5,000 students in North Carolina were suspended from school long-term last year, excluded entirely from both the regular school building and alternative school. ... Unless the school system can show that this banishment was necessary to promote a compelling governmental interest, it directly offends our Constitution,” writes Jane Wettach, a lawyer for the students, in an appellate brief to the Supreme Court. (...)

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