Freitag, Januar 27, 2006

Dr Gabriel Wettach of Temple University 'uber-smart'?

Temple University, Philadelphia, PADr. Gabrial Wettach, who is Advising Coordinator for the Undergraduate Program in the English Department of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, (which was just today graced with a visit by this Wettach's favourite living author, Neil Gaiman) was featured in the TempleU community on LiveJournal:
Student Leslie (LJ blogger Languid_paean) tells the following story:
Today, I was making my way to the stairs to the AC classrooms when I ran into my professor, who was being carried by the current of the vacating students the opposite way. My professor (about whom I just mentioned in another post) is Dr. Gabe Wettach, who is the Undergraduate English Adviser and consequently believes that his class is the most important you'll ever take, etc, etc, etc.

Wondering if perhaps our classroom had been changed or I had overlooked something, I asked him where he was going as he passed. He stared at me in bewilderment and then proceeded to admit that he was LOST. Now, this is our third class of the semester, located in a relatively easy place (AC107) and I assume that he's worked in Anderson for quite some time. However, he had no idea where he was and thanked me profusely for showing him where it was.

So, my point is that freshman or not, Anderson is f*ed up beyond mortal comprehension and the only way of knowing that you've been at Temple too long is if it finally begins to make sense to you.

Thank you and good night.
To which another student comments:
i know that guy...he is all "uber smart"

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