Samstag, Juli 16, 2005

Prisons in Rwanda are still overcrowded, says Pierre Wettach of the Red Cross after meeting the President from the New Times, Kigali, RwandaThe Director of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Pierre Wettach, told journalists that although the conditions of inmates had relatively improved in the last three years, there is still a problem of overcrowding.

Wettach disclosed this Tuesday 11, minutes after meeting President Paul Kagame at Village Urugwiro, where the two discussed the cooperation between Rwanda and ICRC.

"ICRC has been functional in the country for the last fourteen years. It's our custom to always meet and discuss the existing cooperation between Rwanda and ICRC," Wettach said.

He further told reporters that ICRC has a better working cooperation with the national police in ensuring that the conditions at most detention centers are conducive.

The ICRC Director further said that his organization is already effecting the repatriation Rwanda of children of Rwandese nationality from the DRC to Rwanda and reuniting them with their families after their dispersion due to the 1994 genocide.

Wettach also noted that there is still shortage of water supply and that ICRC is committed to ensuring that there is adequate water supply to the Rwandan population.

Meanwhile, President Paul Kagame on Tuesday met with the Coca-cola Africa President and Chief Operating Officer Mr. Alexander Cumming, and, the two discussed formalities of macroeconomic improvement and development of the investment environment in the country.

Cumming told reporters outside the President's Office that Coca Cola is looking forward to improving investment and also increasing the distribution of coca-cola products in the country.

"The market of Coca-cola products in the country has risen and we are looking forward to increasing distribution," Cumming said adding that the company was considering establishing a multi-million plant to maintain the steady supplies to customers.
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