Sonntag, November 20, 2005

Fire in the Sky - and a new A.M. 'Pete' Wettach Expo in Des Moines

Get the famous book by Pete Wettach by just clicking hereDes Moines, Iowa: This year's event promises a larger fireworks display, a bigger parade and more vendors, as well as several new events.

Children will be able to make their own decorations of spin art at the State Historical Building, which will host the children's activities.

The historical building exhibits will also be open, including a new display of A.M. "Pete" Wettach's photographs of rural farm life in Iowa from 1925 to 1960.

Visitors can also have their picture taken in the Victorian parlor. Those wanting their picture taken will need to bring their own camera. Staff will be on hand to take the pictures.
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