Donnerstag, Mai 12, 2005

PKAL Focussing on People: F. Sheldon Wettack

Sheldon Wettack
  • The Wettack family is one branch of the US-Wettach family that changed the name to reflect in writing the way the name was spoken.
  • Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) is an informal national alliance of individuals, institutions, and organizations committed to strengthening undergraduate science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education. This is their "Focus on People" on F. Sheldon Wettack

Sheldon Wettack - Vice President and Dean of Faculty and Professor of Chemistry - Harvey Mudd College -

Biographical Sketch:
F. Sheldon Wettack is Vice President and Dean of Faculty and Professor of Chemistry at Harvey Mudd College. Dean Wettack's career began at Hope College (1967) as a member of the chemistry faculty. Administrative Service at Hope College (Dean of the Natural and Social Sciences), the University of Richmond (Arts and Sciences Dean) and Wabash College (President) preceded his arrival at Harvey Mudd College in 1993. Dean Wettack has been involved with PKAL since the beginning of the project, with special emphasis over the past several years on the facilities workshops. He is currently the project director of Harvey Mudd's NSF-AIRE grant and of the Claremont Colleges' technology grant from the Mellon Foundation.
[ Source: PKAL Focus ]

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