Donnerstag, Juli 03, 2008

Megan Wettach: 1,000 bears matched with $1,000 for Red Cross disaster relief

Sal Alaniz of the American Red Cross, left, receives a check from Megan Wettach. Source: Zwire.comAmerican Red Cross, represented by Sal Alaniz, received 1,000 bears donated by this year's Little Miss Iowa, Alexis Schroeder of Wheatland, and $1,000 to match, a gift from the Wettach family businesses, Premier Prom and Family Dental Health Services Inc., both in Mt. Pleasant.

"I guess what we were trying to do is not make an issue (about) us but to inspire people to action," said Mary Wettach of Family Dental.

Schroeder has been collecting bears for the Red Cross for a while. Before that, she was collecting them for foster children.

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