Samstag, März 25, 2006

Jeff Wettach is all for Co-Ed Housing

The Farwell Cluster - Source: Chips.luther.eduFor anyone who has ever complained about being trapped in the Luther bubble, President Rick Torgerson has recently endorsed a Co-ed Housing Proposal that plans to bring the real world a little closer to campus.

The decision to support the proposal was made by Torgerson after meeting with the Board of Regents this past weekend. Community Assembly also endorsed the proposal Feb. 14 by a vote of 25-3.

The new housing proposal gives students the option of having a co-ed by room living arrangement. According to the proposal, the co-ed by room policy will place male and female rooms on the same dormitory floors.

Individual rooms will remain same-gender. Currently, only same-gender students live on any given floor in the dorms.

“I think it is a great idea,” said Jeff Wettach, head track and field coach. “Times have changed. It is a logical next step for students.”

“As a parent of a Luther student as well as a faculty member, I would have no problem if my daughter wanted to live in a co-ed dorm,” Wettach added.

[ Source: CHIPS, Newspaper for Luther College ]

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