Samstag, Oktober 29, 2005

The Late Show kicks off b-ball season with Jeff Wettach

Source: Chips.Luther.EduYou could have gone for the t-shirts. You could have gone for the free food. You could have even gone to support the basketball players. As long as you went, players and coaches alike were glad to see you out at The Late Show.

The event, which took place this past Friday in Regents Center, was a kick-off to the men’s and women’s basketball seasons.

The Late Show, formerly known as Midnight Madness, is now in its second year and features games for students and faculty along with prize drawings. The evening is rounded off with men’s and women’s scrimmages.

The evening ended with a scrimmage which featured two five-minute playing segments for both the men and women. Mediated by head track coach Jeff Wettach, the first points were put on the board by Andy Rump (‘06) and Danielle Heins (‘07), respectively.

It was a night of cartwheels, free t-shirts and slam dunks. Laurie Fritz (‘08) summed it up.

“Let’s just say the night was intense.”
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