Mittwoch, September 28, 2005

Katherine Vine Wettach born in Norfolk, VA

Source: LiveJournal user MadeofmeatKatherine Vine Wettach was born in Norfolk, Virginia, making LiveJournal Blogger "Madeofmeat" a second-time uncle, as his sister already has another kid, Elisa, now the older sibling of two. While at birth she was not named, the decision on Katherine Vine Wettach finally was achieved, Vine derived from 'Angevine', her paternal grandfather, while 'Kat' is the intended nickname.
From this Wettach, father of his own two Wettach daughters, my sincere congratulations to the Wettachs in Norfolk,VA!

(This report written in January 2006 is backdated to fit into the original timeline)
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