Dienstag, März 25, 2008

Dr. David Wettach and the Eternal Punishment

Source: Muscatine JournalAnother Wettach might be entering the IMDB soon, where clown and actor Adrian Wettach, Vogue model and actress Dolores Wettach and Gisela Höter (close Wettach descendant) as well as Jeff Wettach (crew member on Wishmaster 2) already are - via "Eternal Punishment" from JD Productions, filmed this March.

Eternal Punishment is the story of a young man, Sean, whose intellectual capacity and eccentricities have labeled him an outcast. The sudden and tragic death of his father results in guilt that sends him down a path of self-destruction ending at the brink of suicide. Through the determination and support of an old musician, Sean explores the depths of his soul in search for understanding.

Dr. David Wettach from Muscatine, Iowa, is playing the role of Sean's father and can also be spotted in the trailer for a short moment:

[ Source: Muscatine Journal ]

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