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Henry Wettach, Walter, Louise - Winifred's Family Search

The following message appeared on the Wettach Surname Board and if one of our readers could help, it would be greatly appreciated:
i am looking for info about rita rizzo wettach who i've been told she may be my birthmother. she was married to a henry wettach. i was born in aug 1954 in north carolina . rita had family in north carolina i think her parents would have lived here. thats what i was told . she is now in a mental hospital in north carolina she has demintia. i think henry's fathr was walter and he was married to louise. rita rizzo's family was from italy henery family from germany. if you can help me connect the dots it would be great. merry christmas. barbara
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Blogger MagisterForan said...

Re: New BLOG:
Posted: 24 Dec 2006 5:52AM
Classification: Query
Surnames: wettach and rizzo
i'm trying to find info about a rita rizzo she was married to a henry wettach. i'm adopted and was told by searchers she may be my birthmother. i was named winiferd wettach. i was born in north carolina. ritas parents or grandparents lived in north carolina .she is in a mental hosiptal in north carolina now . she has dementia. she has 3 sons also. i know of 1 brother older than me. think he would be in his mid 50s i'm 52. north carolina noidentfying info don't give much info. all they told me was the age of b/parents . eye and hair color and they farmed for a living. don't know how much of this is true. but i'm sure i was born winifred wettach. anything you can do to help would be great. merry christmas. barbara

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